Our Story
We have been in the CNC field since 2006. The origin of this decision is that we had developed our own product and there were specialty small parts that needed a complex machining process. The machining work was of small quantity but complex that all machining suppliers refused to do it, or just gave high quotations that just werenĄ¯t affordable. I think this will be a contributing factor to why our customers will need our CNC products too. So we started the idea of retrofitting a small bench top CNC to do the machining by ourselves. Firstly we converted a CNC based on the bench top mill well known as SX3, as many hobbyists have. After that we kept learning CNC technologies and conducted many R&D projects for customers.  During this period we learnt fast and gathered many experiences and resources in CNC field. Our work entered every aspects of the complete CNC machine, including:
Structure Design and Analysis
Precision Parts Development
CNC Accessory Development
Casting Material and Mold
Machining Process
Sheet Metal Design and Building
CNC Machine Assembling Process and Accuracy Control
CNC Electric System Engineering including:
CNC Controller Development
BLDC Motor Driver Development
Stepper/Servo Driver Development
We had experienced work in other CNC factories. The quality had been hard to control. So after we finished some successful R&D projects we decided to build our CNC machines. This was to get the most control of the building process and to express our ideas most freely together with good cost and extremely high quality control. So we started to set up our resources from 2011 and now we have everything we need to build our own CNC machines. We are not a big company, but our various experiences and resources in this field have prepared us to enter the market and build CNCs with high quality and accuracy at a relative lower price. After years of development, our machine designs were updated and machine performance kept growing. Now we have series small CNC machines from desktop hobby size to industrial ones and mainly forcused on mini industrial VMC machines and custimized CNC products.
About Us
Skyfire is an unique team in CNC community. We bring ourown developed SKYFIRE series CNC machines from desktop to industrial sizes. We are seeking the best combine of art and Machinery from engineerĄ¯s view. And also providing high quality CNC parts from SKYFIRE developments.........[More]
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