Skyfire provides quality guarantee for all of our products. The quality guarantee term depends on different items:

       Complete CNC machine products:12 month quality guarantee;

       Mechanic products: 12 month quality guarantee;

       Electric products: 12 month quality guarantee;

       Products containing wearing parts (such as bearings): 6month quality guarantee;

Any part failure within the guarantee term because of quality issue we will replace a new part free for you. We will need to confirm the failure reasons via photos or videos. And the total liability will be limited to the amount of the failure parts.

If any part failure happen after guarantee term, we will provide the replacement parts at cost price to customers. But this doesnĄ¯t mean our products are designed and manufactured for any short term life. We guarantee all our products are under the guideline of long life design and well manufactured.


If customers misuse the product or try to disassemble, modify our products, the risk of part damange, accuracy loss, electronic failure, even human injury will be userĄ¯s full responsibility. But we will provide any possible technical assistance to make things straight. We strongly suggest users do not modify the products without enough knowledge or expert assistance.

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Skyfire is an unique team in CNC community. We bring ourown developed SKYFIRE series CNC machines from desktop to industrial sizes. We are seeking the best combine of art and Machinery from engineerĄ¯s view. And also providing high quality CNC parts from SKYFIRE developments.........[More]
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