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Skyfire is an unique CNC machine/part manufacturer in the world. We have advanced CNC designs from an engineer¡¯s view. We always follow the CNC user¡¯s needs and creat the best CNC designs banlancing performance and cost. We also have advantage CNC manufacture resources locally to make our CNC products economic for customers. We are always seeking for the best binding point between ideas and realities to creat most valuable produts for our users. Our products are always flexiable with many options for customized configurations.

Quality is always the most important point for our products. We will NEVER product cheapest things because we believe cheap things always mean low quality in a way. We always pay much attention to the question: How much value SKYFIRE CNC can bring to users? We believe only a machine with good quality/performance together with economic cost can do most for users. And we can bring both to users.

Rigidity and accuracy are always the bigest concerns for our CNC machines. No matter the mini CNC or industrial CNC, we build them to do the real job but not just for hobby fun. We studied many other similar machines on market now and found no economic small CNC can actually meet these two points at same time. So that¡¯ s the point we are doing something different now.

Electronics are very important to CNC machines. Without reliable and high performace electronics the CNC machine will not do its job right. So high performance electronics with long term stable working features is a big subject here too. There are some famous brand electronics out there but they are often expensive. Since we have the capability to develop some CNC electronices, we will provide some key electrionics made by ourselves. We also have good resources of third party CNC electronics that have been strictly approved by our tests and applications.

Another goal of our machines is that we always take CNC building as a work of art. We always try to make designs most reasonable and beautiful. Even the appearance doesn¡¯t creat value directly for users¡ªbut we want our products to be more than machines. So we will always design from two eyes: the engineer¡¯s and artist¡¯s.

For the CNC parts, We¡¯d like to provide many high quality/low cost CNC parts from best resources we have. As a company rised from a CNC DIYer, We will be interested in helping DIYers everywhere with providing various good CNC parts. Creations start from ideas but realize from gathering parts.

Since we have experience in almost every aspects of CNCs, CNC parts and realated area, we can also provide services like OEM, ODM with ourown resources. Competitive price and good quality are our basic advantage. But more important thing is, we can really understand what you need and do it right for you.

About Us
Skyfire is an unique team in CNC community. We bring ourown developed SKYFIRE series CNC machines from desktop to industrial sizes. We are seeking the best combine of art and Machinery from engineer¡¯s view. And also providing high quality CNC parts from SKYFIRE developments.........[More]
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