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SVM-1VMC Workstation

Dynamic Announcement:
**BT30-8Tool ATC for SVM-1 series will come soon.
**Linux CNC with MESA card control is under development.

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SVM-1VMC Workstation is a professional PC control based Mini Vertical Milling CNC. It’s smaller than SVM-2 but all made as standard industrial level VMC. It's equipped with standard industrial AC SERVO driving BT30 spindle, full linear ways and full AC SERVO 3 axis motion system that normally only be seen on big industrial CNC machines.

SVM-1VMC Workstation
comes with Linuxcnc + MESA 7i76e CNC controller installed on a 14" touch panel tablet industrial computer. Linuxcnc&MESA system is professional and powerful under closed loop control to support SERVO, ATC, 4/5 axis and rigid tapping etc. high class functions that can compete most industrial CNC controllers.
SVM-1VMC Workstation can handle all materials from Plastic, Aluminium, Brass, Steel, Stainless Steel to Taitanium etc. It's a real industrial level CNC machine to do precision machining works. Typical machining tolerance is <0.02mm.

SVM-1VMC Workstation
is excellent for personal machinists, metal workshops, R&D departments, educations and batch product factories.
High rigid cast iron machine frame
Over 250kgs aging-treated cast iron frame to prevent losing accuracy by time
Full linear ways and C3 class ground ballscrews for all 3 axis
HIWIN™ High precision class linear ways and C3 class ground ballscrews for all 3 axis / Z axis enhanced with heavy duty roller type linear ways
AC SERVO driving BT30 spindle system with Pneumatic PDB
Industrial precision BT30 spindle unit / High end AC SERVO spindle motor system
AC SERVO 3 axis driving system
AC SERVO motor system for all 3 axis / Run faster, more smoothly and never lose step
Linuxcnc+MESA+touch screen PC based CNC control system
Front industrial touch screen tablet computer / Keyboard attached / MESA controller with Ethernet port
Full enclosure and integrated coolant&chip removing system
Industrial style full enclosure / Chip drand coolant system built in cabinet stand / Easy moving FOOT MASTER casters
2nd High speed engraving spindle (optional)
Special optional 2nd engraving spindle for precision 3D engraving works
Harmonic drive 4th/5th axis system (optional)
High accuracy, Zero backlash 4th/5th axis set attachable
BT30-ATC-8T is now available on SVM-1 (optional)
SKYFIRE own developped BT30-8T ATC system / Less weight, full linear ways, optimized for small CNC
Various optional installations, upgrades, tooling and accessories (Please refer to datasheet)
MPG, tool setters, BT30 tool holder series, machine tools etc.
All SKYFIRE CNC machines will be tested on motion accuracy  and kept running over 72 hours after assembly.
All machines will be applied with real cuts to exam machining accuracy before cleaning up, packing and shipment.
All SKYFIRE CNC machines will be packed up with standard plywood crates to make sure safe transport.
We also provide CNC programming, client sample  test machining sevices to make sure customers can do right job with our machnes.  
Please refer to SVM-1 series DATASHEET for more machine options and high quality tooling accessories available. Order together with machine will save a lot for you!
More questions please refer to FAQ or directly email us for prompt answers:
We provide 12 month full free quality warranty and life long technology supports. Please review details in:
Warranty & Services document
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